The world’s a-been-a-changing of late. Every man and his dog has a blog, a webpage, whatever. We are all now living most of our lives online. Everything is faster, quicker, shorter. Give me now and then give me again once my web page has refreshed.  The net is a huge bin of knowledge, and crap, and we want it before it’s even ready to be devoured.


~ Next up in our mix series is one of Velvet Seas’ own, Luke Cheadle. Every now and then, in between the more well known DJs, we will put together mixes, playlists, soundtracks, whatever you want to call them, to keep the tunes flowing. This one is much more chilled then the first VS mix,…

#VSMEETS | Nick Pumphrey


While I was putting together my recent videos in France, the crew spent plenty of time at a bar called Le Surfing.

On the other side of the bar was Nick Pumphrey, shaking away countless cocktails to help our confidence with the hornets.

The commotion cleared and the tour made their way across the arid spanish countryside to Supertubos.

I tagged along with Nick.

I had the chance to see how he operated behind the lens and sticky beaked at the results.

I really liked his style of photography so i decided to put this post together.