Back in 2012 a very hungover Cassandra rocked up on my doorstep on a sunny Sunday morning willing to have a crack at her first photo shoot. All I had laying around the place were some my random clothes and Velvet Sea tee’s. The rolling is the result of a few hours of Cass, random clothing and good tunes.
Hope you enjoy it;


Globe have just released the trailer to Strange Rumblings In Shangri La, the new film by the always on point, Joe G. Shot over 2 years, the film documents the team as they scour the world searching for spots that you couldn’t even dream up after a bag of magic mushrooms. Year Zero was, in…


Name: Chris Sirney Instagram: @chrissirney Age: 30 Field: Photography (artist) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from and what do you do? I would like to start off by saying a thank to Velvet Sea for doing this with me. I’m from Southern California and I live in Costa…

MEET: Harry Triglone

Field || Film Age || 22 Resides || Between Coffs and Byron Inspiration || Life, friends, music, good times and happiness. If your happy you’re inspired Years in the game ||  6? Equipment Digital/Film || I shoot most surf stuff on a Canon 60d but my dad just got a Sony nex fs 700 which…


Here we have an ever-so-lovely post. We’re hoping it makes up for our missing Happy Monday this week. It was the long weekend after all and the hangovers were definitely on the “long” end of the spectrum. Anyway, on to the post. Alana Blanchard. What more do we need to say, really? Maybe the fact…

#VSMEETS | Ed Worland

Age: 24 Equipment: Guitar, voice. Influences/inspiration: Ryan adams, Dan Auerbach, Muddy Waters, Dawes, CCR, heaps more!!! Where did music start for you? I wish I had some sort of really amazing, inspiring, tale to tell how it started, but i don’t, its pretty bloody standard hahah. Music started for me when I was around 10. I…

#VSMEETS | Nick Pumphrey


While I was putting together my recent videos in France, the crew spent plenty of time at a bar called Le Surfing.

On the other side of the bar was Nick Pumphrey, shaking away countless cocktails to help our confidence with the hornets.

The commotion cleared and the tour made their way across the arid spanish countryside to Supertubos.

I tagged along with Nick.

I had the chance to see how he operated behind the lens and sticky beaked at the results.

I really liked his style of photography so i decided to put this post together.