New York City is still THE hot bed for up-and-coming talent in the arts industry. Even with the crazy real estate prices and ridiculous cost of living, it stays at the top of the list in the world for arts-centric migration. Whether it’s music, visual arts, or performing arts, New York City is still the place to be. Hell, we even moved there. We recently sat down with one of our fellow Aussie migrators to dig a little deeper behind the mask and to introduce you to a man, a creature, a myth, that we think you need to know about.


#VSMEETS the man behind Lord Fascinator, Johnny Mackay.


Back in 2012 a very hungover Cassandra rocked up on my doorstep on a sunny Sunday morning willing to have a crack at her first photo shoot. All I had laying around the place were some my random clothes and Velvet Sea tee’s. The rolling is the result of a few hours of Cass, random clothing and good tunes.
Hope you enjoy it;

MEET: Paper Sea Quarterly

Paper Sea Quarterly is a new, Melbourne based, magazine celebrating the ocean and the people that live and breath for it. “Honest stories and critical photographs about the ocean, traveling and art.” Dig in to this MEET:, you won’t be disappointed… First up mate, your mag is epic! I feel like I shouldn’t call it…

#VSMEETS | Ed Worland

Age: 24 Equipment: Guitar, voice. Influences/inspiration: Ryan adams, Dan Auerbach, Muddy Waters, Dawes, CCR, heaps more!!! Where did music start for you? I wish I had some sort of really amazing, inspiring, tale to tell how it started, but i don’t, its pretty bloody standard hahah. Music started for me when I was around 10. I…


~ Next up in our mix series is one of Velvet Seas’ own, Luke Cheadle. Every now and then, in between the more well known DJs, we will put together mixes, playlists, soundtracks, whatever you want to call them, to keep the tunes flowing. This one is much more chilled then the first VS mix,…

#VSMEETS | Nick Pumphrey


While I was putting together my recent videos in France, the crew spent plenty of time at a bar called Le Surfing.

On the other side of the bar was Nick Pumphrey, shaking away countless cocktails to help our confidence with the hornets.

The commotion cleared and the tour made their way across the arid spanish countryside to Supertubos.

I tagged along with Nick.

I had the chance to see how he operated behind the lens and sticky beaked at the results.

I really liked his style of photography so i decided to put this post together.



A few weekends back, upon seeing the swell that was about to hit the east coast, VelvetSea decided it was time to get up off our arses and bail the big smoke. With an absence of filmers available and getting sick of the back and forth that was happening, we thought, fuck it, we’ll do it…


VelvetSea have been up on the Gold Coast scoring some fun sessions on the QLD points, which is rare for Sydney siders. We are now back at home faced with the usual mush we regularly grovel in. Things are looking up though as Autumn swells are just around the corner. To farewell the Summer, here’s a new clip…

Cheyenne Tozzi

Cheyenne Tozzi is arguably the hottest export Australia has ever produced. She moves with effortless grace and is second to none in front of the lens. Golden skin and eyes that scorch the soul. Here’s the footage from the Mambo Goddess summer campaign. Hearts will race and undoubtably break. Watch at your own peril. Filmed…