Footage used by Sam Page for Velvet Sea over the last two years. Additional Footage by Ash McManus.Shayne Allen.Jay Grant Raincoats-Efterklang (Trentemoller remix/reworked).


Velvet Sea headed north in winter this is part two from ‘Surfs Up’. Waves were fun, water was warmer and sun was out. Sam Page, […]

Jay Grant X Hawaii

Jay Grant’s a busy man. He has been in Hawaii filming for Billabong. He is also best friends and neighbours with Craig Anderson. About 3-4 […]

AM/PM Craig Anderson Ep 3

Our AM/PM feature with Craig Anderson will be wrapped up with this, Episode 3. It’s the best one yet with Craig going absolutely bonkers, wave […]

AM/PM Craig Anderson Ep 2

Here is episode 2 of our AM/PM feature with Craig Anderson. In this episode Craig talks on his final, DVD release, Innersection part, surfing with […]

On Dusk

Here’s a sexy little edit by Sam Page from a winter shorebreak session at Queenscliff a few weeks ago… VS