Summer is almost upon us here in Australia. You can smell it in the air. The fresh sea breezes, the beads of sweat dripping from bronzed bodies lining the sand. The tiny but oh so fun waves. We love it all!

In my eyes the best part of summer is that its festive season. Now i’m not just talking about Christmass here, i’m talkin’ bout the much loved music festival. The 100,000 strong parties that litter this golden country over the summer months. It all begins this weekend with Parklife. But the one that stands high above the rest is Field Day:

1. It’s on first of January. I mean, what better way is there to ring in the new year than to dance in the heat with all your best friends? And thousands you don’t know for that matter.

2. The line up always, and I mean always, delivers! This year we have Justice, Trentemoller, Erol Alkan, Klaxons, Public Enemy, Chromeo, Sleigh Bells and Mystery Jets. I could rattle off the whole lineup but I wont, theres enough there to last the whole of 2011 let alone the first day.

3. Oh yeah, A-Trak is playing a Hip Hop set. Who is A-Trak you say? Have you been living under a huge music deprived rock your whole life? He won the world turntable championships at 15 years old. He owns Fools Gold record label which has brought you Kid Cudi, Sinden, Duck Sauce (also A-Trak) and Chromeo (who is A-Trak’s brother) among many many others. Sorry for the rant but the guy is a god in the DJ world. Want proof? Wanna know what to expect? Check below…

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