The talented Mr. Riley

22 year old Nick Riley has already experienced enough, so far, in his young life to pass himself off as a 60 year old man rocking on his chair with stories waiting to go for the grandkids. He has seen the world a couple of times over and has, almost certainly, ridden more waves than most people on this earth. He was born in China, raised in Australia and has also spent some time living in Los Angeles. So are you jealous yet? I know we are!

Right now Nick has just returned home from his best year yet on the WQS, so while he’s in good spirits we thought we’d throw him a few quick questions and also give you a look at this exclusive clip from Insight. So here you go…


…the first thing you do when you wake up?

Drive straight to Jock’s, via the surf and have a tea and some breakfast with the boys, talk some thomas and then go surfing all morning if there are any on offer. There is no better way to start the day off than getting in the ocean one way or another.

…at the top of your list of surf spots?

Wow. Um, there are so many amazing places these days to go and surf. I would definitely have to say Mexico is up there for going right and getting the longest forehand tubes of your life. But the most amazing place/waves i have ever experienced would be in Chile for sure. Sickest joint.

…your favourite music to listen to?

I have really been getting into the Black Keys new album. They are incredible….. But my ears are for any music with a Base guitar and a set of drums. Oh and a different sounding voice.

…your most loved possessions?

I would have to say my Passport would be my most Loved possession. It allows me to do everything i love doing and so much more. My Ipod is also up there with the Passport. And i guess i couldn’t do anything without a surfboard under my feet. There are so many little things i love to have, but these ones are the essentials.

…your favourite websites?

I really like browsing the web and seeing the 100’s of different websites everyone has now. Its allowing people to express there creativity to the world as well as give themselves a cool, personal image. I really like the blog that the crew at RAEN optics do. They have a really cool and creative bunch of people connected with them that aren’t just surf fanatics. It has all you need in one website.

…your worst personally trait?

Hahaha… I would have to say my stupid/weird sense of humour. I love annoying my friends and getting some sort of a reaction out of them. It makes me laugh……. but pisses them off.

…something that most people don’t know about you?

I am probably the youngest human to ever come close to the sea floor of Honk Kong harbor. I jumped of a boat when i was 18 months old and started sinking as if i had a bag of sand attached to me. Luckily the old boy jumped straight in after me, and brought me back up.


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