#VSLIKES | Mr Smith

The big South African, Jordy Smith, has decided to join the ever growing list of surfers with websites.

Kai Neville is taking care of the website and is also producing Jordy’s new profile flick. We don’t need to tell you that both are going to blow minds, both Kai and Jordy have big enough pedigrees for us to have trust in them already.

Craig Anderson also told us that during the Hawaiian season Jordy was “eating cabbage and doing sit ups all day, everyday, just so he would have a good rig for January’s party season in Cape Town”. For those of you who don’t know, Cape Town has more world class models per capita than nearly anywhere in the world. Girls, look out, Jordy is coming!

Click HERE to visit Jordy’s new site and HERE for Kai’s Studio.

PS. Congrats to Kai for his movie ‘Modern Collective’ taking out the Movie of the year in the 2010 Surfer Poll awards.

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