MEET: is a new, regular post we will be doing to show the world, and make the public aware of, talented up and coming artistic personalities. They will be people you will be seeing a lot more of in the near future and ones with immense potential to share with us all. So without further ado,




Field – Photography


Lives – City of beautiful freaks, New York.


Inspiration – Light, faces, New York, Paris, Lartigue, Cartier Bresson & surfing.


Years in the game – Shooting for two & a half years


Camera – 35mm FM 10..Yashica T4


Preferred film – Tmax 400 & Ektar 100


Here are 5 photos Mikey shot with simple captions by the man himself. Enjoy…


BJ PENN – Hawaiian Ultimate Fighter


TERENCE KOH – An artist living in lower Manhattan, NY




MENTAWAI Islands – Double Exposure


FRANCESCO CLEMENTE – Italian painter living in New York City


Meditation in chaos

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