MEET: Blake Myers

Field – Film maker

Age – 18

Lives – Kirra on the Gold Coast with Mitch Coleborn but I’m from Whangamata New Zealand.

InspirationRyder Jones

Years in the game – This is my first year.

Equipment – Sony EX1

Projects (present)Lost Atlas, A surf film im working on with Kai Neville. I have also done edits for Jordy Smiths website. Kids With Talons.

Projects (past) – Just little projects for my vimeo with my friends & i did work for Stolen Girlfriends Club in NZ.

How did it all start? – I started making little lego stop motions when i was 9, then got a little Sony handy cam when i was 13 and went from there.

How is it working for Kai Neville being so young? – He is a legend, he is really open to new ideas and other ways of working on projects, I’m also learning a lot too.

You role for Kai involves? – I am employed for filming, editing, colour grading & searching for music as well.

What’s it like working with Kai’s collection of surfers? Its good, I was a bit freaked out by putting a camera in their face at the start, but its fine now and they are cool and easy to work with. At times when filming lifestyle I will have an idea I like for a shot and they will just bar it but that’s understandable these guys are there for the surfing.

Any runnins with any of the surfers? Nah not really everyones pretty stoked and mellow.

Your involved with Jordy’s website as well yeah? what does that entail? – Yeah i edited a few of the first vids on there when it was first launched. It’s cool. Kai let me do what ever i wanted creative wise, and it worked out well with the footage we had.

What’s next? We have one more trip for Lost Atlas then its lock down in the editing bay. Films released in August i think.

Website/skidswithtalons.comVimeo Page | | Lost Atlas

Photos/illustrations below from Blake’s website Kids With Talons (KWT is also shared by NZ free surfer Rangi Ormond).

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