MEET: Jake Donlen

Field – I guess im a filmmaker, I write ‘plumber’ on those immigration cards on planes though. Feel like a dick writing ‘filmmaker’

Age – Stone

Lives – Not sure what this means? If you mean how many lives have I got, id say im on my last.

haha, fuck i just read that again now i get ya.

Tewantin, qld

Inspiration – In the beginning my inspiration came from my mates, watching a few of them fall short of a career in surfing because of living ‘too far north’. The sunnycoast has some of the best surfers around at the moment, always has, but its only in the last few years that industry crew have realized. I had mates blazing at home, we’d come home, throw on a surf vid and id sit there half as entertained as I was sitting in the water watching the boys.

Thesedays, inspiration comes from the things in every day life. Music, People, fucks me, heaps of shit. My brain is a mess, the thing wont shut off, I have to write down everything I think of , just have to do something with it before it keeps me up all night.

Memories of my dad always psych me up. I love seeing anyone out there doing what they love, regardless of peer pressure or money. The amount of crew who pile up like cattle at the latest trend shit me. Following trends is a full time job.

At the end of the day Im inpsired by people that have faith in themselves.

Years in the game – Fuck, 10 years man… I was shooting Luke Cheadle before he was hot!

Equipment – Sony EX1, Canon 7d, Canon Super8, Canon g10, Apple.

Projects (present) – Creative Destruction. Fatherhood.

Projects (past) – Passion Pop, John Butler Trio documentary… and some other average attempts.

Who came up with the CD idea? – I wrote the 2 words ‘Creative Destruction’ on a textbook in highschool. I always liked the way the words worked together.

2 years ago I finally got to a point where I felt that maybe I could make a project that would meet my own and others expectations. Ive been mates with Wade for years and I knew that outside of his surfing he had the character and attitude that would suit the project. I wanted to create a project that can connect everyday people with that guy they watch on video before a surf every morning… Wade surely doesn’t agree that he is that guy, but he’s a humble bloke and the process of getting the story from him can be something else altogether, sometimes we have to put ourselves in each others shoes so we understand the situation.

There is no way I could have my face all over the place, let alone hear my own voice and shit. I think he knows that im not going to put anything out that will make him look like a fuck, but he knows what he likes and doesnt like. We just find a medium between what we both think works best.

I guess the idea came after seeing how clean cut and polished everything in the surf industry was getting. I have always liked the raw and real feel of video. Im just happy that the project has been received well. Surfing’s internet is full of haters, most of ’em have never looked out of the box let alone out of their office.

You role in CD involves? – I work on the creative, Wade destroys shit. The roles change though, I almost kicked fuck out of this computer an hour ago. And Wade takes some sweet shots.

What’s it like working with Wade Goodall? – Its been some of the best times of my life, we’ve done some travelling and had a heap of laughs with some of our best mates… Life is good man.

Dont get me wrong, I drive him crazy asking for a ‘rundown’ at every place we go, but thats the nature of the beast, I need firsthand comments that tell the story… Then theres the other side of the coin, when he just shuts down for the day… Then its just, ‘Fuck it’… there is always tomorrow.

Ideas for upcoming CD episodes? We are heading in to stage 2 of CD, the site is getting a re-jig, going to invert the colours etc, play on the ‘opposites’ of the title, nothing major, just enough to show that we are coming into a new stage.

Plan on opening up a place on the site where people can submit there ideas, thoughts, places, concepts etc… If we dig someones idea, we’ll sort em out for their help somehow… Just take it as it comes I guess.

Where did RV start from? Its the bastard child of Roger Valentine and his whore Rochelle Vochelle.

Stay tuned for the next project from Runamuk Visuals… If it takes off it might not land. hahah.

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