This is Nicholas Damen’s short film. We will let him explain what it’s all about down below. But one things for sure, this aint no dream. It’s real. Very real.

“The film centers around a girl and is a recollection of her memories through vivid dreamlike visual moments as she finds her way around Japan. As a film is staged or setup and many retakes take place before the perfect shot is nailed I tried to not stage or setup any shots, but only capture a real moment or event that i felt would work in telling the story and last as an actual memory. Some inspiration for this project was from the film “Lost in Translation” although i don’t personally like the film or story, I like the feel and cinematography used. I suppose the style of the film is somewhere between a documentary and a film

The photos were shot on a 35mm SLR film camera , I chose film as the medium because i felt i would be able to capture the memories or moments in a more unedited way through a single photo.”

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