When Kai graduated to the CT not many people expected greatness. But Kai surprised us all and has stamped himself as a major force.

When he finds himself in a heat against one of surfing’s demi-gods (something that seems to happen to Kai more than any other surfer) he seems to be able to pull out extraordinary performances. He stopped Slaters world title campaign in 07 and caused an early upset in 2010 blasting the back out of the Snapper walls to defeat Fanning. He doesn’t let a big name faze him, in fact they draw out the best in him.

But professional surfing is a roller coaster ride. He suffered a serious neck injury last year and has found it hard to get back into top form. Now in the CT’s cut throat format he faces a major challenge to retain his rightful spot in the top ranks.

Velvetsea take a closer look into the psyche of Kai. We see Kai deal with the loss but we also see just how much he froths.


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