They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but I don’t think this phrase applies to magazines, well not Desillusion anyway. The cover of the magazine, the “-No Balls- Girls Do It Better” issue, sums up the contents better then any long winded review could. Amazing photography, brilliant angles, artistic themes and unexpected but welcome articles. That’s what Desillusion is all about, providing you, the reader, with something you won’t get from most other magazines. This issue for example is an all girl manifesto delving into anything female based in the world of boardsports, art, photography, film and even an insight into a group of ladies braving the elements in Iceland surfing, snowboarding, skating and founding one of the most important all female labels getting around today, Nikita. Trust me, this is a mag you all need to read. Every article also comes in French (it’s a French mag) and English so if you have a French girlfriend, or boyfriend, then you can share your Desillusion. If not it may help you learn enough to get a French partner, who knows. The website is also, to use their words, a daily dose of fuck yeah and is a blog based hub of all types of awesome!
So jump online, order up, grab a java and dive into your new favorite weekend read!



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