MEET: Brent Smith

Brent Smith is a man of mystery. A man of many faces, and many beards. Not much is known of him other than what has been provided below. This MEET: came about from stumbling across We thought the art displayed was very cool, and very worth a MEET:, so an email was sent and a reply received. That pretty much as far as we got so read on, visit his site and try to dig a bit deeper into the myth that is Brent Smith…

Field – Artist/Graphic Designer

Age – 28… Fuck

Lives – Newtown, Sydney

Inspiration – I have sooo many. Niark1, James Jean, Roach, Nickelodeon, Timba Smits, Luke Shadbolt, YOK, Mike Giant, Kid Zoom, Dali, Trent Whitehead etc etc

Years in the game and how did you get into it – 3 years in the game. It was either design and art or continue working as a manager of a crematorium. Seriously.

Equipment – Pencils, paints and a mac.

Projects and Jobs (present) – Of late poster and art direction The Drug aware pro in Margaret river, poster design for the Dungog Film Festival, live Art for Absolut vodkas Live Art Project, an installation for The Drug Aware pro mid April, another installation for a company called Oglivy in a couple of weeks and putting together enough material for a solo show mid year.

Projects and Jobs (past) – Part of the Lo-Fi collective, Art director for Coaster Festival, co-curator of a group of show on the central coast called Fantasy Squad, some live art for Kluster magazine and Absolut vodka, banner art for the main stage of Big Day Out and a bunch of CD covers.

Role at MAMBO – Mens and youth boys graphic designer with a bit of Marketing design for good measure.

You’ve been involved in a few live art events lately, how have they been going? Nerve racking? Yeah pretty good not too nerve racking because you’ve usually got your back to everyone and most of the time your drinking so you forget there’s people around….. until you get a bunch of scarf wearing douches telling each other and most of the room how shit it is, which is nice.

Your quite the illustrated man, how many are your designs? And any plans for more? Its about 50/50. More would be nice for sure, maybe if more people bought my artworks i could get new ones.

Anything else you want to add? Last words if you died tomorrow? I been a long time leaving but I’m going to be a long time gone.

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    jonathan seagull

    mr myth is like so way awesomely cool i wish he would draw a scene from ship to shore then like maybe he would transcend to some sort of god like status where women fan him with palm leaves and suckle his giant nipples

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