Here it is, Episode 1 of Velvet Sea’s Europe series. We’ve decided to go a different route from your typical surf contest clip for this series. Mostly because this time of year in Europe, the surf sucks. So rather than giving you 5 minutes of 2ft slop from each destination, we thought we would show you what the webcast can’t. A more behind the scenes look if you will. This first clip was filmed in Newquay, Cornwall. Although not normally associated with surf trips, or contests for that matter, Newquay is one damn fun place. It’s like Schoolies (or spring break for you Americans) on steroids. There is something on every night and it all cumulates at the end of the week with a two day music festival. As you’ll see in the clip Fat Boy Slim blew everyones mind. The guy definitely knows how to put on a show and the raving 20,000 strong crowd was a testament to his skills.
Newquay is easily one of the funnest places i’ve ever been to. Surf, parties, music and people. It has it all. Hope you enjoy the clip and stay tuned for Episode 2 from France!

VS x

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