VS#1 (a new music series)


From here on out, every fortnight, Velvet Sea will be providing you the reader, or web surfer if you will, with a fresh mix.

Some will be mixed by well known DJs, some by us. Some will be rock, some electronic. Hey, we’ll even throw in some rap and hip hop every now and then. We want to appeal to a broad range of tastes, while still pushing the music we listen to and love.

First up in this series are two of our long time, and best, friends Leigh Sedley and Paul Fisher aka. Bareback DJs. The mix is house based and is a sure party starter so click, download, and dance away!

We spoke with one half of the Bareback boys, Leigh, and hit him with a few questions about the mix and life over in America.

VS xx

How and when was the mix recorded?
Well I started making this mix for you guys about 4 months ago and then started hating half the tunes in it so i left it for a while and forgot!
But i guess i did it about 2 weeks ago with ableton, i made it on an Akai APC40 just kicking it at home.. They’re are pretty fun to record mixes on.
Can you tell us a little about the mix?
It’s just a sample of some of the stuff we like to listen to and play, also with a few of our tunes thrown in amongst them,
You’ve been living in the states for a while now DJing, what your most memorable gig/party?  I would have to say our most memorable party we played at, would just be every time we play at voyuer in San Diego. whenever we play there it is a fucking fun night, We have played with some of our biggest influences there like Justin Martin, Riva Staar, Mowgli, Green Velvet, And have a show lined up with Loco Dice there Later this year….the sound system is off the hook and people r always pumped…
The Bareback DJs have an almost cult like status now in LA, any groupie stories or crazy fan stories?
ahahahahaha Wouldn’t say a cult status, but yeh we have a good little gathering of fans following us it was pretty funny a couple of months ago we were playing at the Roxy  in hollywood and it was pretty dead then all of a sudden like a bus full of 50 cunts come through the door chanting bareback and not just blokes, there were chicks at the front just getting on top of each other and going mad over the boys it was fucking epic. Shit like that gets us so fired  up we could play all fucken night….
Any last words?
Ummm …..Think before u bareback hahaha

VELVET SEA Promo Mix (Download) by Bareback Djs


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