The world’s a-been-a-changing of late. Every man and his dog has a blog, a webpage, whatever. We are all now living most of our lives online. Everything is faster, quicker, shorter. Give me now and then give me again once my web page has refreshed.  The net is a huge bin of knowledge, and crap, and we want it before it’s even ready to be devoured.

The internet age has given everyone a voice and also a platform to show what they got. Which is good thing. But with the unlimited access comes a flooding of sub-par quality. We have to sift and sift to find something that we actually finish or want to watch again. Then comes the ones you have grown to trust. They release anything and you will watch and study. Runamuk visuals is one of these crews and, trust me on this one, they pump out some absolute gold. Their pinacle so far being Creative Destruction, a semi bio, fly on the wall type web series following Wade Goodall.

Creative Destruction is the top of the pile for web series and thank fuck it is now available as a DVD just before christmas. I’ll be getting one and so should you.

Enough of the rant, here’s a bit of info from Runamuk:

“The Complete Anthology DVD is now available across Australia and New Zealand,

both instore and online. It features ‘Odds & Ends’ a 26 minute final film.

In amongst the finest moments from the series is unseen vision and an animated piece of brain

fester by Ozzie Wrong, Vaughan Deadly and Nanda Ormond. Vaughan summed it up with these

words… ‘This may be the best Bro-Lab ever!’… That made me feel pretty dandy. The entire series,

chapters 1 through to 8 feature on the disk along with a 16 page booklet of the best of

Duncan Mcfarlane’s photo’s.


There is mermaids shanking octopus’s, massive spew barrells and unridden rockslabs, Centaurs

and even the odd hipster gets rundown…


Starring: TB, Laurie, Dusty, Brady, Chippa, Ryan, Lee, Dyl, Gavin, Sterling, Tyler, Davies, Brycey,

Red, Clint, Sancho & Eric


With well over 2 hours of vision to wrap your eyeballs around the Complete Anthology is available

now for $29.95.”


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