So, who are you boys?

Our names are Jamie Osborne and Sam Archer we are a dj duo from the south coast of England in a little city called Portsmouth.

How long have you been DJ’ing?

Well I’ve (Sam Archer) been djing for about seven years now and me and Jamie for around about four years and loving every second of it.

How and where was the mix recorded?

The mix was recorded in a friends studio who goes by the name of Ryan Fisher. He’s a great engineer who’s also making some amazing productions at the moment. Feel free to check out his soundcloud page under R.n.A.

Can you tell us a little about the mix?

It’s a nice taste of what we like to play no matter what the situation. Always music that will pick up a crowd with a solid groove and a chunky techy beat. Sticking to the underground sound as thats what it’s all about.

How is it living and playing in the UK?

We live in a very small town but the scene is pretty cool. We have an awesome following in our city and always love to entertain them with our music. The best place to go for cutting edge music is London. We are always travelling to Fuse on sundays or Fabric on a saturday night as it is known to be one of the best capitals of the world for underground music.

You’ve played a few parties in Ibiza, any plans for more gigs abroad?

Well we would love to play abroad as much as possible and if we were to get the chance we would snap it up. But at the moment we are concentrating on are second season in Ibiza. Which is looking decent as we have sealed two weekly residency slots with Lost In Ibiza Boat Parties and Novum (Supperclub) which is a huge after party from the infamous all day outdoor venue Ushuaia, where you will see some of the most biggest events like Sasha and friends plus Lucianos vegabundos to name but a few.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in the crowd whilst playing?

Well i have to say one of the most craziest things we saw was when we was at are very good australian friends villa party. Me and jamie were djing on a huge system which was enough decibels for a thousand people. We had all been flarin up and gettin crazy doing beer bongs as you do .. with all sorts alcohol and stuff ! Then are friend decided to take a dare to beer bong his own piss with everything else with it after some fish haha. Which was absolutely hilarious

What are your plans, music wise for the future?

Of course it would be amazing to make it to the top and have djing as a full time job that would be the ideal world ha ha. But we are just taking things as they come. Starting to get stuck into the production side of things and play as much as possible where ever we may be. It’s a passion for us to make things happen in what we love doing.

Any last words?

Just a big thanks for the interview and i hope that you enjoy the mix. Stay cool party on! yeaahhhh!

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