We had a chat to Epokhe co-owner Mitch Coleborn about his new sunglass label.

Velvet Sea (VS) – Who are the founders and how did it come about?

Mitch Coleborn (MC) – Kai Neville, Dion Agius and myself. We have been wanting to get something going since Modern Collective. We had a tight little crew and just thought ‘what the hell’ ya know? Kinda like how skaters do.

VS – Who does the frame design’s and production process, your all very busy peeps?

MC – We just gathered up some frames we were digging and added our our little touches to them. Something a little different in the surf industry for sure! It is pretty hard with all 3 of us having such different schedules so we have a guy in Italy helping out designing them

VS – What is epokhe about and where is it headed? (core surf shops, general pants or more boutique designer style?)

MC – Everyone will start getting the general vibe of epokhe over the next month or so just before the website launches.. We don’t want to pigeon hole ourselves as a ‘small boutique’ kind of brand or a massive strictly surf driven company.. Somewhere in the middle would be nice.

VS – Must be fun starting a company with a bunch of mates, any speed bumps along the way?

MC – rHasn’t been any major speed bumps, it’s just taken us alot longer to get it off the ground then first planned! We have had alot of help and support off the right people and without them I think the 3 of us would still be sitting around talking about how good it would be to own a sunglass company. The fun times haven’t even really began yet!

Photos courtesy of Epokhe’s instagram. Follow them @epokhe and follow us @velvet_sea

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