Due to the fact that we listen to, download, buy and play so much music, we’ve decided to start a regular weekly post recommending some of it. The posts won’t fall on a specific day, or follow a specific routine, which is simply because limiting them to a specific day would influence the music we recommend and that would get boring.


DJ KOZE – Amygdala

Amygdala is a album that spans the whole house/techno spectrum. Everything from deep, hypnotic, minimalist techno to more pop inclined house. DJ Koze has brought on board a bunch of collaborators who compliment his style brilliantly including Apparat, Matthew Dear and Carribou. The album though, always feels like it’s entirely Koze and has a singular vision, or thread, running through it. If you haven’t heard DJ Koze before, get on it!

You can listen to the album below or click the iTunes link at the bottom right of the player to buy the album.


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