We missed a #vsweeklysounds last week, so this week we’ll have two. The first one, will be an album by a band called Swans, titled The Seer.

They’ve been around since the 80’s (the front man is 58!!!) but you wouldn’t know that by listening to them. Their new album The Seer is, in my mind, a masterpiece. They definitely won’t be for everybody but if you’re sick of the bland, sugar coated crap on the airwaves these days then give them a go. This is music made by true artists with an uncompromising vision. The Seer is a brutal, hypnotising, trudge through the outer limits of rock and it will grab a hold of you and won’t let go. It’s a very intense album but very rewarding at the same time. By far the most forward thinking, boundary pushing, music that any artist has released in a long time!



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