The dark ocean waves,
clashing amongst each other,
above the ocean floor
that dose not have a bother

Not a worry in its nonexistent mind,
not a care, but only to its swimming friends,
but when a disaster strikes
the creatures will fear there world is at end

But not for any to fear,
the ocean has a special power,
a power that humans can not comprehend,
so unique it causes them to cower

The ocean releases its power to heal all,
to heal, from the dark waves to the ocean floor,
the process may take from days to centuries,
but when all is done, it is left for all to adore.


Mel F.R.





chile-highway-1 copy

IMG_0395 copy

truck copy 2

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bigger-than-it-looks-1 copy 2

VIOLENT-SEA-3 copy 2

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perfect1 copy

spit1 copy 2


closeout1 copy 2

fence-no-surfer1 copy 2

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