Next up in our mix series is one of Velvet Seas’ own, Luke Cheadle. Every now and then, in between the more well known DJs, we will put together mixes, playlists, soundtracks, whatever you want to call them, to keep the tunes flowing. This one is much more chilled then the first VS mix, but its a welcome entry.
A few words from Luke.


How and when was the mix recorded?


I put together the mix in Ableton at home on a chilled, hungover Sunday. The track selection kind of reflects that too I think. I’m in no way a DJ but i’ve been fucking around on Ableton a bit lately and its damn fun trying to put together tracks, mixes and what not.


Can you tell us a little about the mix?


I wanted to create a mix/playlist that was much more chilled than the Bareback DJs one and I was hungover as fuck when I made it so Techno and Dance music was the last thing I wanted to listen to. I wanted it to reflect my tastes but also those of Velvet Sea too, which I think I did.

It’s something that you can put on and listen too without wanting to hit the clubs and go mad all night.

For The Girls by Velvet Sea

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