MEET: Harry Triglone

Field || Film

Age || 22

Resides || Between Coffs and Byron

Inspiration || Life, friends, music, good times and happiness. If your happy you’re inspired

Years in the game ||  6?

Equipment Digital/Film || I shoot most surf stuff on a Canon 60d but my dad just got a Sony nex fs 700 which is amazing. I use that for higher end jobs it’s a pretty serious piece of equipment. Other then that a bunch of other audio gear, lights, slider, steady cam etc etc

What is|| is our  production company consisting of my Dad, Brother and myself for corporate type jobs.  Just to looks professional and makes some real money


What do you do when your not behind the lens? || Surf, hangout waste time on the Internet

Is there a any time that you get fed up with filming? || Definatley when the conditions are bad or its raining it can be pretty torturous.

Where do you want to end up with your work? Does the future stay in surfing? || I’ll always be really phsyced on surfing and if I can keep it going that would be amazing. As long as I’m shooting something I’m interested in and passionate about ill be happy.

Any surfers you are shooting with or have shot with worth mentioning? What is it that they do for you? ||
Heath Joske and Asher Pacey are probably my favourites. They both absolutely tear and are the biggest legends ever

Harry’s rant || Never plant the seed of doubt unless your goal is failure 🙂



This amazing shot is done by Emma Wise…

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